40-0202-428003-00001111-072594-SIS471-H QDI 486DX2/80

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Hi all:

Is there a (later) BIOS for this QDI mainboard using Sis85C471 chipset? I found the mainboard manual online (LINK BELOW), but can't find BIOS using Wim's Bios or Google, no archives on QDI website for this (1995) board.

Currently running Windows 3.1 on 16MB - want to upgrade to Win98 and the latest BIOS would be prudent, I presume, especially if Win2K issues are fixed therein.

Also need FLASH UTILITY, please.

POST display (sic - BORAD is shown, not BOARD):
SiS 471 G MAIN BORAD INV. 9.1 10/4/1995

AMI 1994/5 Auto-Detect Flash Bios
3 VLB, 6 ISA, 1 ISA (8 bit), 4x30 pin SIMM, 2x72pin SIMM
ZIF 237pin CPU Socket 3 i486DX2/80MHz

Manual can be found here if anyone needs it (seems to be for INV. 9.0 version):
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These old boards usually have an EPROM so no flashing possible only programming with special hardware .
Seems there's no newer bios online but you may contact QDI tech support .

And with 16MB of memory please don't install Win98 - Win95 may work with such little memory but Win98 not .
If you really want to install Win98 conserve some memory with modifying your installation with 98lite - prevents IE from being loaded every time in the background .
New visitors - please read the rules.
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Thanks for the prompt reply.

There is an AMI Auto-Detect Flash BIOS on this board - JP73, 79 control the Flash Rom function according to the manual.

I intend to put in more ram - it is actually capable of up to 128MB (!!) - so I'll be running a mimimum of 32MB if I install Win98, otherwise I'll stick with Win95 like you suggest.

By the way, where do you get Win98lite? I've never heard of that....

Thanks again
Bob C.
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