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#58663 by People321
Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:43 am
Winuniflash 1.4 used and now no bios. PC just works, noscreen. Can I do anything? :cry:

To update the BIOS, but the computer does not work anymore. Just makes 8 beeps and remains employed. I can not get back to the BIOS in any way? Trashing the motherboard? I did restart and that was it. Whether I was able to upgrade the BIOS?

Before I got the hard disk, the BIOS somehow changed my settings to NVRAM Clean guess. I thought that the old BIOS, updated, and so it went on.

I had the same motherboard and Flash winuniflash its 7065 v1.23. I put a checkmark Clear cmos.Ma guess that's why it does not operate the thing. I did restart and that was it.