Questions that don't belong in the other forums.
#49282 by shedt
Sat May 24, 2008 6:10 pm

I've been reading and searching for as much info on the A8AE-LE. I have a Presario SR 1830NX.

Overall it's a nice system. The lightscribe DVD burner died on me though.

I've been reading about the CPU and it should be able to overclock. I've also noticed that sometimes CPU monitoring software rates the cpu low... I found out it's the "cool and quiet" feature that I cannot seem to turn off.

I'm a gamer and would love too squeeze as much power as I can. I've looked and read about modding the bios. Searched for a modded bios. But I'm abit confused on which is the best, or if I should just and mod it myself.

I guess I want to disable cool and quiet and overclock. I've been able to overclock via clockgen, but it does not seem very stable.

Any help or suggestions would be great.

Thank you.