Abit KT7a Bios upgrade problem

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Can anyone help me with this problem

I have a Abit kt7a motherboard which appears
to be a version 1.2 according to the barcode sticker
on the board.

I have just purchased a 2000XP cpu and need to flash
the bios to support the chip, but i tried the flash util with the
latest bios upgrade "kt7s_9r.bin and the util does not recognise
the bios chip type.
The sticker on the bios chip reports it as PHeonix bios d686
when the bios screen loads it boots up as award bios
code: 07/05/2001-8363-686b-6a6lma19c-00

is this board version capable of supporting the xp 2000 chip
with a bios upgrade,if so what file should i download

thanks in advance

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Your Bios should read :
indicating a revision 1.0 1.1 or 1.2 - they do not officially support Athlon XP but may work ok with them.
Get your Bios from here :
Maybe your Board or Bios has a flash protection set - check your manual how to remove flash protection if there's any .
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