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#104 by Freeflyfreak
Sun Mar 24, 2002 6:39 am
Just got my Abit TH7II with a P4 1.6A
Unfortunately I have a problem.
After assembling the system with only mobo, cpu, heatsink/fan, 2x128MB RAM and video card, I attempted to post but got Post message 29 on the mobo digital read out. I tried reseating stuff but no go.
After doing some research I came up with this from the Abit FAQ page.

Q) I bought a TH7II-RAID motherboard with Pentium4 1.6A (512KB L2 cache) CPU lately, however, the system post to show"29" while booting up computer. Can you explain to me this problem?

A) This is because the previous version of BIOS can't correctly support newer Pentium4 (512KB L2 cache) CPU, and caused your system hang during booting up computer. Please update BIOS to the latest version from our web server.

My question is this how can I flash the bios if I cant get the damn thing to post?
I already emailed Abit but it is the weekend and I dont expect to hear from them till next week (if at all). I asked them to send me a bios chip with the updated bios on it as this seems the only solution, in the meantime any ideas.
I dont know anyone in Miami who has the same set up to hot flash the chip, and I dont have a Williamette chip to use to boot with this board to flash the bios. Sooooo.
Anyone have any other ideas?