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#42134 by vitos
Sat Nov 25, 2006 5:43 pm
I have an Adaptec 19160 SCSI controller PCI Card and I am unable to enter the controller settings, because it simply doesn't show up in the post, it doesn't show up in the motherboard bios too. In the motherboard bios, I mean the settings, which allow you to boot from SCSI device for example. But under Windows XP the controller is detected properly. I figured it might be damaged bios entries. I am sure this is not the problem with serial eeprom as described here (vendor=9005, device=0081 etc.) Default flash5.exe program given by Adaptec to flash adapter's eeprom bios doesn't work. It says that the flash memory is not correct, and I should contact with the supplier. So I desist using their flash5.exe, which came with no effect. When I use uniflash 1.40, the application doesn't correctly recognizes the type of the eeprom applied in my card. So i force it to work with SST29EE512 eeprom (this chip exactly resides on my card)
Code: Select alluniflash.exe -pcirom 2 3 0 -force bf5d

That command allowed me to flash the eeprom with the latest v3.10.00 29160 bios image file, but with errors. So I still had no working controller :cry:

So, here's the question. Have you ever had similar problem to mine ? Or maybe are you experienced with reanimation such controllers without having hardware programmer device ? I would be grateful for any tips and any help. Thank you in advance.

Best regards

PS. Please forgive me my terrible English ;-) I don't use this language every day, hereof so many grammar mistakes :oops: