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I just got an Abit KT7E motherboard with a 950 MHz Athlon.
I have a GeForce 2 MX-400 on the agp port.
The problem is that sometimes (so not all the time) when I turn the computer on it freezes just before counting the RAM (so after displaying the proccesor name and frecvency).
And I don't now if this is related to the first problem but also Windows XP freezes sometimes (so again, not all the time) when it tries to load the agp440.sys from the drivers directory.
So I believe that there is something wrong with the agp port of the motherboard or with some BIOS settings because in the first place the GeForce works fine on other computers and secondly, I replaced the GeForce with a PCI card and everything seems to be allright.
Can somebody give me an advise? Thank you.

P.S. O, and the 128 SD-RAM works fine so that couldn't be the problem, I guess. :?:
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weak power supply perhaps?

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