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:roll: As you can tell by my username I enter here humbly! I have read many previous posts and see a few questions just like mine, but the answers are always a bit different, so at the risk of seeming a little uneducated here I go: I'm trying to upgrade to a 40gig (secondary master drive, removable in caddy) I have learned from other posts that I need to upgrade my Bios to enable my computer to recognise the drive. The numbers which I am hoping will let someone help me are as follows;
I am using a Pentium 2 (V.2.5) GA-6BXC Intel 440 BX (/ZX) AGP set 21/12/98-i440BX-8671-2A69KGODC-00 Rev 1.9 Bios 4.51 PG (Bios Extention V 1.0A) (CPU ID 0625 Patch ID 0014 Number on Pentium Processor B 80523 P 350512E SL2WZ 2.0V 99030906-0103 Malay)
Qu.1) Is that enough info to work out the correct upgrade?
Qu.2) If so, are there any specific problems I should know about before attempting the upgrade (bearing in mind I am a novice user)
Thanks in advance for any advice. L Plate. :?

PS My chipset was made by"Gigabyte" if that helps
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Your board is indeed a Gigabyte, GA-6BXC, but your BIOS release of 21/12/98 will not support HDDs over 32GB. You'll need an update of at least 7/1999 to get that kind of support.

You'll see here: ... m#link6bxc
...that there's a Jan. 2002 BIOS update (F4c) that'll get you the support you're looking for.
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