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#48191 by roximan
Sun Mar 02, 2008 10:48 pm
One day my mouse stopped working. i went through the usual fixes no luck.Did a restore,then full xp install ,ran into chipset driver not on xp.found all driver installed them. still no mouse. i found a ! next to the serial port in the non pnp in the device manager. tried to start the driver and it said "their is no device present or is disabled". its a good mouse tested it. i figured the bios setting are preventing the port from connecting. i went to setup on start up and the phonex-award bios 3.11 displayed the first page but would not allow me to alter the setting or save or exit . Had to pull the plug. i did a successful bios upgrade from the manufacturer . No effect.
The machine -unfortunately - is a sr1820nx hp with a a8n-la motherboard. The ps2 mouse and keyboard jacks are soldered to the board(no wire or connector). i had a new replacement mother board and installed it . Same exact thing. Cant get in the bios. I can plug in a usb mouse and it works fine but then if i restart the system with the usb mouse in i get the following message-cant find
windows>system32\ntoskrnl.exe- but i checked, its their in c:windows \sys32. i replaced it with a copy from a working xp . same thing. i can only start the computer with no usb mouse plugged in. The ps2 mouse will not work.The machine is not to old and hp support is useless . They seem to know less about the computer than i do. Can anybody help???????:sigh::sigh::sigh: