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#29425 by ruelnov
Mon Jan 31, 2005 5:05 pm
Hi BIOS Gurus,

I need to revive a corrupted BIOS image for ASUS P4T mainboard. Although the BIOS chip is soldered, I've managed to detach it from the mainboard and now in a position to hotflash it on another board using Uniflash.

The chip is SST 49LF004A which is obviously a 4Mbit 3.3V-only flash ROM. Have succesfully hotflashed it with another 516Kb bios image (not ASUS bios image) using UNIFLASH, and so it tells us that the BIOS chip integrity is very much OK.

The problem is that Uniflash complains that the ASUS bios image does not match the chip's capacity, as the ASUS P4T BIOS file I downloaded from ASUS site is only 256Kb. Obviously, ASUS website does not post complete BIOS images (I mean, the bootblock portion is missing).

My question then is: Where do I get the complete 512Kb BIOS image for this board?

Is there somebody out there who is kind enough to email me this complete BIOS image for ASUS P4T mainboard?