Award bios 4.51pg Upgrade help

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I need help with getting a new bios for my A-open MB
the only thing I can see on the mB is AB-BH6
The only thing I can see on the screen at boot up is
Award Modular Bios 4.51PG 1984-1994
Plug and Play Bios Extension V1.0A

If I go into the Cmos at the top of the screen it has this numbers

I tried to go on the A-open web cite but it looks like the USA one is not working anymore. Do you have any programs that will help ID this Bios or the upgrade.
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You mean ABIT BH6 motherboard (AB-BH6).
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There's also a BH6 Rev 1.1 and higher requiring a different Bios than the BH6 Rev 1.0x .
Easily to identify with the two Bios-ID letters seen after the Bios-ID you postet .

If I remeber correct the BH6 had jumpers and 1.1 was jumperfree .
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