Award BIOS update for e-machine?

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Hi all,

I had a spare mainboard and tried to get XP running but it seems desperately in need of a BIOS update. Problem is I can't find one for this e-machine main board.
I tried e-machine's site but they want information about the system I don't have and from a library can't readily get. All I know is:

AWARD BIOS v. 006pg

That's enough to start looking for an update (I think/hope?).
Anyway if anyone knows EXACTLY where to get an update- or has one PLEEEEEASE let me know how I can get it. Thanks much.
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FIC (First International Computer) AU31 (K7M-NF18G) board.

It comes with 2 different bios sizes, 2MBit and 4MBit. Are you able to boot the machine so you can give us the bios ID from the start screen? That might help. Alternatively, if you can gently peel off the sticker from the bios chip and give use the part number that is good too. In the mean time I'll be hunting down a possible bios upgrade file.

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