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I am trying to get binary flash file for
Auhua Electronics co ltd"
(SUK-JUNG) mother board p54cs

Auhua Electronics co ltd" makes a P5 motherboard
I found the web site but was forbidden logon because I didn't have the id and pass word.
Would you please help me.
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Some sites suggest that Sukjung (Korea) was taken over by MET (Taiwan) , but I don't see any mobo support at their site.

The only interesting (but useless) Sukjung updates page I managed to find were: ... kr/pds.htm
...pointing to: ... PDATE1.htm ... UPDATE.htm

Now I found out that Meichuang is the Chinese name for Sukjung:
(Also known as Magtron: )
(or Megtron: )

....finally, from the previous link, I see TCOMMATE:

But... sorry, no support for older boards.

There might be hope, though, according to a MR.BIOS site, the same BIOS part number is applied to three boards, namely:
a) your SJ-P54CS (2A59CSCH)
b) 2A59CF32 (FYI)
c) 2A59CH2E (Holco/Shuttle HOT-541 series)
All three use the same I/O: UMC8663
...this most probably means that the three BIOSes are practically 100% compatible.

The latest Shuttle HOT-541 BIOS is of 6/6/1997.

I do have some beta BIOSes for Shuttle i430FX boards:

06/06/97-i430FX-2A59CH2CC-00 (identical to the official release)

I am unaware of whether the 2A59CH2A BIOS will work on your board (unknown super I/O controller), but it's highly likely that the official 2A59CH2C might.

If you do end up attempting this "feat", the risk will be solely yours. Make sure you master some BIOS recovery techniques, just in case.

BTW: I have a feeling the PCCHIPS M507 BIOS will work on your board, too :)
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