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#51094 by casanovaacid
Sun Nov 23, 2008 7:16 pm
Hello, I have a bit of a problem. about a month ago i was updating my computer via the windows updater. it said it had to so i let it. it restarted and when it came on my mouse refused to be recognized. i went to device manager and it isnt even recognizing there being a mouse or pointing device. I've tried several different mouses, so it isnt that. i then rebooted my computer. cleaned it clear thinking it'd go back to normal. nope.

So from what ive read this has something to do with my BIOS. I know some about computers but not a whole lot on this kinda thing. so i thot, if my bios is messed up, maybe updating them, which ive never done, might be the answer.

if anyone has any idea how i could fix this and/or if it is impossible to fix, i would like any information towards updating and if that would even do anything.

thanks ahead of time for any possible replys.
also, im using mousekeys to navigate so i might be slow to respond.