Bios Error on Compaq Deskpro

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Hi, I'm working on a Compaq Deskpro desktop computer, from a client.
As I couldn't enter on the Bios (by pressing F10), I resetted the CMOS to be able to change the boot sequence.
But now, everytime I boot, I got the next error:
"1801 Microode Patch Error" bla bla bla
This error didn't appear before, but isn't critical, just annoying, and it can be bypassed by pressing F1, and XP boot flawlessly, and it shows my CPU speed without problem, with Everest.
According to google (and other forums), this error can be fixed with bios update, but I've got the floppy making utility from COmpaq, but can't boot, got this error "Bad or Missing Command Interpetor", this isn't fixed by transfering either.

Does anybody know how tu update this PC? For further info, according to the Bios (which is only available after a CMOS reset, for a while), it's a 686P0 V1.0X (now i don't remember, but I know there's a couple of higher versions available)

Any clues?
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what series/model exactly? And it sounds like either the floppy disk or the drive need replacement...

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