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I have a MicorATX model 5MMVP4 motherboard made by LuckyStar. It has flash award bios v4.51PG. The system is 3 years old and made by an independent assembler.

On power up the clock and date are frequently wrong. On some startups a checksum error is obtained. In the Q&A section of the manual it states that if you have cmos battery failure to get a new battery or for a checksum error it may result from "a weak bios, so exhange a new bios, if necessary." I have not received any diagnostic that the battery is bad, however I have had computers where it has gone bad and the evidence was clock problems. The latter suggestion about bios exchange is perplexing to me - as I'm not certain what this means/entails.

My request is can someone ascertain whether my problem is battery-related or the bios and if the latter what do I do? Thank you.
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Clock loosing time , Bios loosing settings and CMOS checksum error is the Battery .
Replace - load Setup Defaults or Optimal settings in Bios and all should be fine .
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