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#53165 by aladin
Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:41 am
I have motherboard Intel DG33BU with E8400 @ 3GHz, 1 GB Kingston DDR2 2.2V
I tried to update BIOS, but it is not happening. Only two ways work half way. From CD and from windows, but all end in same way: when from i boot from CD, first i see CD boot screen, i need to press enter, then i need to press enter to start flashing, after i pres enter, i see iflash2 version info and after ~10seconds it seems that computer turns off, but the light that indicates that PC is on is still lit. I turn off PC completely and turn it on and everything work, but BIOS is not upgraded (obviously) . From updating from windows after pc reboot it just turns off the same way just doesn't show any update screen.
I need do upgrade BIOS because when i put 4x1GB ram my vista x64 runs very slow.

We have two identical PCs with identical mother board, the other PC updated its BIOS without any problem.

Any suggestions?