BIOS for an ASUS P2L97 problem- Is my Bios toast?

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This problem is with an older pc here at my work and guess who got stuck with the task of having to fix it? That’s right. My manager is the one who screwed it up. It’s a Pentium 2, 266 MHz computer that we want to use for a testing computer for Windows Server 2003. I actually had the 2003 installed, but my manager decided to copy the system settings from the backup drive of our actual 2003 Server (File Server) onto this testing PC. It has screwed up the BIOS. The problem is I can’t even get to a prompt with a bootdisk or without. No procedure I try seems to fix this. Like I said , it get’s to the “Detecting HDD Primary Master…(Press F4 to skip)” line and stops. I did disconnect the HD and it went a little further, but still no prompt. And it won’t recognize or initiate the PFLASH.exe file off the floppy.

Is my BIOS toast? Do I need a new chip?

Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated.
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