BIOS say 7-15-95 even after upgrade?!?!?

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:( Hi, I am frustrated. Sorry if I sound unintelligent, but I am SO confused. It took me awhile, however I thought I had successfully upgraded my AMI BIOs from PcChips website for the M599LMR MB. BUT even though on boot it says 12/2000s- (It used to say 9/2000s)- When I check system info thorugh WinXP (just installed), or run PC PitStop's system check, or run the BIOS AGENT from this website it STILL says that I have AMI Bios 7/15/97 (or with the BIOS AGENT it says 7/15/95) What is the deal? What am I missing? Oh please, be kind in your response!
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Not to worry... if the id changes that's all you need to worry about. It could be the release date or the base date or have some other meaning. Only the bios programmer knows for sure. :roll:
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that 1997 date is the date of the bios CORE which hasn't changed. Only the very basic functions are within the core. It means they've written a good one considering it has lasted for more than three years.

It isn't important to you and frankly I don't understand why these utilities are showing this date instead of the actual release date. Very confusing.
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