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#33435 by x0r
Fri Aug 19, 2005 5:43 pm
Hello, I'm searching for some updates / or patches, that have been made to the latest ALI-1487/89-2A4KDG09C Bios.

I've updated from Rev. 1.06 to Rev. 1.07

btw, Award Flasher freezed and I've used UniFlash
Thanks to Rainbow, who did that great work and also thanks to him, that he has patched my M537DMA33 BIOS.
The machine is running really stable for more than 2 years :)

So now to the bios:

The 1.07 bios was available on the Gigabyte website. ... s_54alv107

I want to use the box as Server with OpenBSD running on it.

Therefore it would be really cool, to have ca. 40 GB in the box.

If there's no patched BIOS available, I would be really thankful, if someone can patch the latest 1.07 BIOS from Gigabyte and break the 34 gb limit.

thanks in advance