BIOS update crashed my RAID on SOYO KT400 DRAGON ULTRA PLATI

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Hi.. hope that someone can help me. I just flashed my BIOS using SOYO's lates BIOS update, named kvx42aa4.bin, downloaded from their homepage in the US. However after doing so, my RAID controlled is stuffed. That is: the boot up proces stops when it HighPoint controller has read the 2 installed drives. A white curser then keeps blinking.. and no more happens. :cry:
I tried to reflash my BIOS using the saved version I have on a disk. BUT the AWARD flash utility progtam just gives me a message that the file is unknown. The same with an earlier version af the BIOS update, downloaded from SOYO.
I can start my computer if I in BIOS swith off the RAID.
PLEASE help me.. someone.. ??? :wink:
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