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#56531 by icecom3
Thu Jun 23, 2011 6:02 am
Hello all. I am looking for the bios update for the below computer. Pheonixbios no longer provides support for bios downloads and forwards people to I already did the bios scan, made a account, was notified they had my bios update, paid for an account...only to be told by them they don't have my bios. It is like the punch line to some bad joke. Gateway has all these odds and ends, but nothing linking directly to my computer. As big as this computer was in 1993-1994 I refuse to believe the bios updates have died and gone to bios heaven.

So I am hitting all the forums I know. I hope a fellow vintage PC lover has this bios sitting in a floppy drive caddy somewhere. I will take anything newer than what I got.
Why do I want it? The updates provide larger hard drive support and better memory compatibility.

Model: Gateway 2000 4dx2-66v (short tower with only one CPU socket, overdrive ready)
Processor: 486DX (66 MHz)
Model Date: 1992-1993
Motherboard: 09-00183-03
Current BIOS: "ROM BIOS PLUS Ver. 0.10 GJX30-05E"
Bios Maker: Phoenix Technologies
BIOS DATE: 1/15/88
BIOS Catagory: IBM PC/AT
Bus Type: ISA/AT/Classic Bus

more history on this computer here...