Bios update for Hsing

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wolfgang nickl
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I encountered a problem installing a new harddrive ( 40 gig) that will not detect as a master. It was suggested to upgrade my bios.
As well I want to start from CDROM but current BIOS did not possible
I found my bios id 07/27/96-Opti-Viper-M-2A5UN H01C-00 that seems to belong to a Hsing. When I go to the manufacturers site does not show a corresponding model number for me to dowload an update to the bios.

How to get the right file? As I saw on my other computer it will be ok to upgrade this bios from 4.51G to 4.51PG

Please advise
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Looks like PC Chips M519 or M529. Unfortunately there's no new BIOS available. Use drive overlay software or PCI EIDE controller with BIOS for large HDD support.
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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