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#52887 by GiPiKay
Sat Jun 06, 2009 10:44 pm
Here's my problem, maybe someone can help me.
I've got a PC-Chips motherboard, M756LMRE-H Ver. 5.3, just in case here's the Bios String
It works,and turn on fine, and no problem with a Slot 1 1,0GHZ/100MHz FSB, or S.370 Celeron 800 MHz/100 MHz FSB, both with 2xDIMM 256 MB/PC100.
But when I try to make it work with a S.370 P3 1,0GHz/133MHz FSB, and the same memory, choosing the correct config CPU/DRAM @133/100 on the Bios, the system looks fine, but XP install, or Hiren's Boot CD, fails at some point. I think Bios update MAY be the solution, but I can't find any Bios for that motherboard, just the M756LMRE, I've tried many, but the Bios utility tell about some string error, which I can skip and continue, but it doesn't solve anything.
Anyone got any Bios for this version?