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#55585 by Hara_mo
Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:11 pm

Can someone explain me why a bios update can succeed, but the pc has problems with booting normal?

Is there a link where I canlearn more about this?

I followed the steps mentioned in this website, but I had to go back to the orginal bios so my system would boot as it use to be( still not fully correct but better then after the updates).

Isn't it so that the BIOS update should work better? I downloaded it from the website of my motherboard, I followed everything correctly.

Is it possible that my bioschip is damaged? Would it be then possible that a bios update succeeds while bioschip is damaged?

I have a problem with pc booting up, I see somethimes strange characters, but mostly a '_ 'cursor blinks and that's it. I can start the pc from CD without any problem, but when from harddrive, sometimes it goes great, but only If I take the CMOS batteries out and then back in, start pc, then the boot goes great. I even used another harddisk (and IDE cable), but same results.
I have replaced everything( even processor), same result, only motherboard is left, but maybe it's the bioschip that causes this? I also have seen that my C partition was erased/disappeared. I read something about a virus, but my OS is Win XP, this virus would only cause problems on older OS.
Please someone answer my questions , and if my logic is correct or not( bios chip damaged?)