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I need a BIOS update, but I dont know where I should get it.
The reason why is because i want to use WindowsXp instead of WindowsME.
See, when I bought the PC I got WindowsME pre-installed on it (its a Packard-Bell computer).
However, I did search the net for it any I got this : ... -6WMM7.htm
But I dont know if I can use it ????
Please help me !

Bios type:American Megatrends
Bios date:09/25/00
Bios ID:63-0316-119900-00101111-071595-WHITNEY-1AACC080
OEM sign-On:6WMM7 V3.0C
Super I/O:Winbond 627F/HF rev 3 found at port 2Eh
Chipset:Intel Whitney 82810 rev 3
CPU:Pentium® III (0.18 µm) With 256 KB On-Die L2 Cache, 701 Mhz
Memory: 190MB RAM
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The BIOS info from that BIOS at Gigabyte is:
Intel 810 AGPSet BIOS for 6WMM7 F6
That is an Award BIOS and you currently have an AMI BIOS, so even if the board is not modified for Packard Bell's use, you'll have to use a flash utility which does not woory that the BIOS being written over is different.
Did you check out the info at Ray's Packard Bell Site ... other.html ?
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It seems this motherboard is called the Packard Bell "Houston" motherboard using an OEM-Bios .

Edwin should know more ....
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Sounds like Houston board alright: ... 0&Ctype=dl

Before you go ahead and flash this thing, what is the SYSTEM model we're talking about here?

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