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#58270 by jack3top
Thu Jun 07, 2012 9:25 am
I got a computer from someone, and it has been having BSOD. Upon submitting the error report to microsoft, they said my bios is not compatible. Thus i have to upgrade to a compatible bios. I tried googling, and could not find a solution. Hope someone can assist me. Inside the bios, it was stated ami bios. But after running the ami utility, here is what i got.

BIOS String info:
An AMIBIOS ID String Was Detected:

- ---- ------ ------
| | | |
| | | Chipset/BIOS Info
| | BIOS Build Date
| Manufacturer ID
BIOS ROM Information

BIOS Build Date: Sep 05 2006

Motherboard Manufacturer Code: 0010Not listed in MAN.DAT file

AMIBIOS Build Tag: 7i6GV231

AMIBIOS Project ID: 7i6GV231 Not listed in TAG.DAT file

SMBIOS info:
Manufacturer :
Product Name : 775i65GV
Version : 1.0
Serial Number: 00000000


Upon going to ami website, they said it was not ami motherboard, thus ami bios will not be compatible with it.