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#42821 by monkeemanboy
Sun Dec 31, 2006 4:23 pm
My Bios refuses to update.

The error message reads something like "cannot contiue due to memory managers present (HIMEM)"

Does anyone know how I temporarily disable this memory manager in order to update my BIOS?

I think I did everything I should have i.e. booted from a 95/98 dos floppy. Then at the A prompt inserted another floppy with the bios files on it. These included: flash.bat, PH1633.exe, 2895V104.wph and a readme text file. The readme text file says to simply type "flash" at the A prompt and the rest will be handled by the exe file. This is when I get the error message.

My system board is a Tyan Thunder K8WE S2895 quad-core AMD Opteron with Bios version 1.03
I am updating the Bios to version 1.04 in the hope that it will recognize my new graphics card which at present, it does not. The graphics card is a PNY NVidia QuadroFX3500.

Thanks in advance