biostar MB-8500TAC FX chipset?

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Have you cleared CMOS after flashing? If yes and the serial ports do not work, you flashed WRONG BIOS.
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OK, let's rephrase it then, what is the EXACT type number you found on the chip which you think is the I/O chip?

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jlee wrote:
NickS wrote:
jlee wrote:are you following the thread? When I stated it was a UMC chipset that is what I mean by the I/O chip...
You *never* actually stated that *your* motherboard had a UMC chipset. Check the thread. We're only trying to help.
I would like to apologize to ajzchips if he believes in the slightest that i'm not appreciative of his comments and suggestions which he has given either in reminders or possible simple resolutions. My most recent post might have given the wrong impression.

Nicks, I'm sure you like to know all the facts before giving out a reliable solution but that's not what I really need. I'm a technie... If you post something and give me a possible solution or course of action, I would sincerely appreciate it but if you constantly post just to ask waht i/o chip i have and what version flash i'm using... that really doesn't help me and I do not like answering your question and waiting another day for another question, etc. etc.
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