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#34354 by NetUnix
Wed Oct 12, 2005 12:33 am
I have a supermicro P3TDDE motherboard.
my system configuration si:

MB Supermicro P3TDDE
CPU dual pIII 1,4GHZ
Video nvidia geforce4mx
Controller IDE PCI Highpoint Rocket133
(on pci 1 solt)
4 optical drives on the motherboard ide controller
HD WD 80 GB on ide 1 of the Highpoint controller+ 2 WD 160GB on ide 1 and 2 of raid promise fastrack100 onboard controller

i 've installed an Highpoint Rocket133 Pci Ide controller to manage the boot disk(80GB). Two other Hard Disks(160GB) are installed on the onboard Promise Raid controller in mirroring. On the motherboard ide controller 4 optical drives are set.
All woked great but the promise controller didn't see the whole capacity of the two hard drives (160GB). To solve this issue i decided to update the motherboard bios with the beta one from supermicro site that is said to solve this prob .
There is now a greater problem : i have found no way to set a proper boot in the bios (your Highpoint manual says to set SCSI as first boot device but it doesn't work) that works for booting from the hard drive installed on the Highpoint pci controller. The boot from CD-Rom and Floppy seems the only one to work.
For example after the first step of windows2000/xp setup (after the copy of system files has finished)during which i install the Highpoint drivers, system reboots and should try to boot from the hard drive on the Highpoint controller but it doesn't succed and "boot disk boot disk" message is shown
If i disable the Promise ide raid onboard controller the correct boot from hard drive on Highpoint ide pci controller is restored. But i need to use this hardware configuration with the onboard Promise controller enabled

How can i do?