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#37341 by Faze
Sat Mar 04, 2006 6:06 pm
Hey folks, I presently run XP Pro with SP1 & it run great. But I can not get sp2 to install properly. I can install sp2 thru "automatic updates" but when its time to reboot the computer, the computer will load up as far as the XP logo on a black background with the scrolly loading thingy under it (yes, that is the technical term for it :D ). After that it goes to a bluish screen for a spit second (I assume it is the screen for the continuation of the sp2 setup) then reboots. It will do this continuously. First I though there was something wrong with the XP sp1 so I got a XP pro with sp2 integrated & re-formatted & installed that cut. It did the same thing except the first time I rebooted the system, I noticed that the blue screen was in fact the screen for the continuing the sp2 setup. It lasted 1-2 seconds before all the continuous rebooting started. My assumption is that it is not Windows but is a bios problem and that maybe an upgrade might help. So here's the info I have:

Bios Type: Award Modular Bios v6.00PG
Bios ID : 02/05/2002-8363A-686B-6A6LMPAHC-00
OEM Sighn-On: 02/05/2002 FOR KT-133A K7 Chipset Support
Chipset : VIA 82C305 rev 3
Superio : VIA 686 rev 64 found at port 7h
OS : MS Windows XP Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 1
BIOS ROM In Socket: Yes
BIOS ROM Size : 256
Memory Installed : 1536 MB
Memory Maximum : Unknown
Memory Slot 01 : 512 MB
Memory Slot 02 : 512 MB
Memory Slot 03 : 512 MB
Memory Slot 04 : 0 MB
MotherBoard : 8KTA3 Pro by EPoX

I did not find this one in the "" list . B.t.w. the reason I need SP2 installed is that a bunch of my software upgrades now require sp2 in order to function. Any suggestions for the BIOS, or even simple inexpensive upgrades (I'm avoiding upgrading my motherboard/CPU/RAM) would be very helpful. Thanx in advanced.