I can´t upgrade bios by awdflash utility

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I have motherboard Matsonic M8127C+(266). I had upgrated BIOS by new BIOS(01-18-02). It was the same BIOS for M8127 and M8127C+(266). Now there is new BIOS(03-15-02) only for M8127C+(266) which support Athlon XP up to 2200+. I get Athlon 1900+ but i can´t flash BIOS by aw816a utility from http://www.matsonic.com . It write something like " the file doesn´t match to your system". I tried other awdflash utility with the same effect. I can flash memory, but not with new BIOS. I can´t find old fabric BIOS and using uniflash is a bit danger. Have you some idea, what to do or where can I get old BIOS for Matsonic M8127C+(266). Thanks...
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BIOS Info : 01/18/2002-8363-686-MS8127CC-00
BIOS Message : MS8127C series 01/18/2002

BIOS Info : 03/15/2002-8363-686-K7VZAC-00
BIOS Message : MS8127C+(266) 03/15/2002

Because the parts of the ID in blue are different, the Award flasher tells you that you may have the wrong BIOS. You need to tell it to go ahead anyway, or use another flash utility if it will not let you.
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