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#51971 by GroBag
Sat Feb 07, 2009 2:44 pm
#51971 by GroBag
Sat Feb 07, 2009 2:44 pm
I have just started getting CMOS Checksum errors - seemingly at random but most normally when the machine is powered down for a few hours. I have replaced the battery and cleaned the connectors but the Checksum errors continue.

Occasionally the PC wont POST - just black screen and I will have to clear CMOS with jumpers before I can POST again.

I have made sure to load default BIOS settings and synchronize BIOS clock with Windows. Scanned the MoBo for bad capacitors - looks fine. PSU is pretty much brand new. Voltage ratings are stable under full load.

Possible causes??? - Not really sure just clutching at straws

Motherboard - connection from CMOS chip to battery disrupted??? Only fix is to clean MB?

CMOS corrupted in some way? - Reflash the BIOS????

Faulty peripheral device causing corruption??? - could a faulty device (e.g. soundcard) be responsible for CMOS checksum errors ?

PC not shutting down correctly??? - I have an external HDD that seems to take longer than PC to power down but I have tried removing that before I shutdown and still get CMOS error.

I switched to water-cooling about 2 weeks ago. CMOS errors started about a week after the WC was installed. The system runs stable on Prime95, AtITool, 3DMark etc...Seems rock solid other than CMOS erros.

Asus A8N-VM - thinking of replacing but still would like to figure out these CMOS problems
AMD64 4000+
1 GB Geil Ultra
ATI X1900 GT
SB Audigy
36Gb Raptor x2
750GB Maxtor USB
480W PSU
Win XP Pro SP3

Any ideas/suggestions welcome. I think I will try re-flashing the BIOS and report back here with any findings.