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#52642 by Ad-bE
Wed Apr 29, 2009 2:31 pm
Hello Everyone,

I'd like to customize my HP Pavilion's BIOS (Asus A8AE-LE/HP Amberine-M) to enable RAID capabilities of the SB450 Southbridge chip (based on the SiI3112 controller). I finally posted a reply to a thread here:
Code: Select allwww(dot)wimsbios(dot)com/phpBB2/topic7623-45(dot)html#52556
, but I'm not sure that whydothis1001 hangs out here often. Is there anybody out there who could provide some instruction on how to mod the BIOS module and where to integrate in the main BIOS (ie: at the end or in a specific order). The original website where I found this great (albeit unclear) is here:
Code: Select allwww(dot)geocities(dot)com/whydothis1000/modding_the_amberinem(dot)htm
. I would greatly appreciate any help or input on this tricky (for me) matter.

P.S. If this is considered a "cross-post", I apologize. I'm not sure if anyone's reading the thread I replied to, just looking for an answer.