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#48810 by bizzybody
Sun Apr 06, 2008 3:53 am
I have a Cybernet Zero Footprint PC (ZPC) model Elite II. I'm looking for a power supply... so I can't tell the current BIOS version. It has a Phoenix sticker on the BIOS chip.

Printed on the mainboard is CYB-SIS630S-2000 REV:A1.4

It's a nifty little box. Tucked under a keyboard is a 1Ghz 133Mhz bus Pentium III, 256meg PC133 RAM (1gig max), 20gig 3.5" IDE drive, laptop type floppy drive and laptop type slim 24x TEAC CD-ROM.

Chipset is SIS630- which makes driver downloading a one-stop operation. ;)

Cybernet invites people to peruse their FTP site, but has all the subfolders and files hidden! (And the drivers downloadable with their web interface are all older than available from SiS.) There's no BIOS updates shown on the Cybernet site.