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I have never upgraded a bios, so can someone please put me in the right direction. I have identified the bios (07/04/97-VXPRO+-USB-Ultr-2A5LDH09C-00) and downloaded the following files (537d204s.bin & af560.exe). When I try to upgrade I get the following error message

"The program file's part number does not match with your system!"

I believe that I have the correct upgrade file. If someone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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Use Uniflash (see Utilities). That version of the Award Flash utility compares the BIOS ID strings and complains if the one you are trying to flash is not the same as the one on the mobo. I believe the BIOS ID string for the BIOS you downloaded is different to the present one, even though DenisS says it will work on your mobo. Uniflash will go ahead anyway.

PC-Chips M577 users will have the same problem with the Amptron BIOS on the patched BIOS page.
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The filename for the Bios sound a bit strange - use the M537DMA Bios from here :

That gives you some more options in Bios and support for HDD up to 64GB .
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