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#18498 by brad89300
Fri Aug 01, 2003 1:24 am
I have just recently ugraded my processor from P2 450 to P3 1.1, so I tried to upgrade my bios. However after downloading the aprropriate bios and folling the instruction, I ran into 2 error message. The first one is "(H48): Invalid reserved string in flash image header", and after forcing it to continue the second one is "(H01): The flash data image read from disk was found to be not valid." Any help would be greatly appreciated. The detail of my bios and motherboard is:

trying to ugrade bios to:

Motherboard: Intel Corp
Model: SE440BX
Chipset: Intel Model: i440BX/ZX
Bios: Intel Corp Rev: 4S4EB0X1.10A.0019.P09
Operating system: 2000pro
Old processor: P2 - 450
New processor: P3-110 coppermine-T