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#44115 by nev4
Sat Mar 10, 2007 10:07 pm
#44115 by nev4
Sat Mar 10, 2007 10:07 pm

I tried to update AWARD K7VZA motherboard.

What i get is:

"BIOS ROM checksum error"

i have floppy with Flash award awd882.exe (flash utility), vza37.bin (bios), with MS-DOS startup

As i insert floppy i got folowing:

A:\>mode con codepage prepare=((775) ega3.cpi)
MODE prepare code page function completed
A:\>mode con codepage select=775
MODE select code page function completed
A:\>keyb us,,keyboard.sys
Code requested (775) is not valid for given keyboard code

it's something wrong with keyboard???

then i write:

"A:\>awd882a.exe vza37.bin"

i enter into AwardBIOS Flash Utility program which request "File Name to Program :", by default, according to my parameter it's vza37.bin, all i have to do is to press Y on my keyboard, (i got flashing message "Please input File Name !") but my keyboard doesn't respond - all lights(Num Lk) stays as it was before starting utility, i can't turn it off if it was on and vice versa.

So i have stucked, can anyone help me get out of this loop - all i can do know just start floppy, why doesn't keyboard respond? (i have tried two keyboards)