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#30417 by bandit_50
Sun Mar 20, 2005 4:59 pm
Hope someone can help i have a fic P4-865pe max mother board and I'm trying to update my bios and everything go's OK i get the flash to start but after i enter the name of the .bin to flash to it says [b]source file not found [/b] but i know its on the floppy I've tried to get it to work many different ways and I'm out of ideas.reason I'm trying to flash the bios is I'm updating my CPU from a p4 2.4 northwood to a p4 3.2 Prescott and after i put the new CPU in it seems to be booting fine but i get no monitor i cant see anything,but after i put the old CPU back in it says new CPU found and boots just fine.and according to this ... 5PEMax.pdf
it should run this CPU with the latest bios