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I have been trying to update my bios because my primary slave is not being detected all the time only intermittently. My mother board is a P2-99 Asus and it used Award Modular Bios v4.51 PG and ACPI Revision 1009A. I tried to used flash, aflash, and pflash (all the flashes I could find and I keep getting the message rom bios unknown so I cannot update. When I bough the pc, I was not given any disks to uninstall the bios. Being 1999, is it possible that this bios 1009A is no longer available. Could you please think of a way I can get around this problem..I made inquiries in the internet regarding detection of hard disk. I was told to do a "reset configuration". Unfortunately my bios does not give me this option. All I can do is to reset the bios or setup which did nothing to solve the problem.. Would you by any chance have an idea how to solve this problem..thanks
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Same board, same problem at this link:
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