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#52409 by belial
Mon Mar 30, 2009 3:31 pm
#52409 by belial
Mon Mar 30, 2009 3:31 pm
Hi folks,

I posted here, but my motherboard ins´t exactly dead (but it will because i´m getting mad with it)

My motherboard:

"I could not post the url to the site."

I recently updated the bios to F4 version using the @BIOS tool provided in the GigaByte site.
This update run whitout problems, no error, in the post the info was ok and even the Q-flas utility now appears.

The problem is, after that update, in the post before the first XP graphic screen I receive an line in DOS: FLASH ROM PROTECTED.

That do not bring me any problems, because my system works well.
I just need to reactivate windows XP license.

If I use any other tools to flash ou reflash the bios again, I got rom protected errors.
Tools already used: Q-flash, Uniflash, new @BIOS version, Award flash.

In the bios interface, using the CTRL+F1 the options to protect the bios is show, but even in auto (unprotect bios) I keep receiving the message.

In the motherboard there are no jumpers for WP_ROM, just the info.

I hope you can help.