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Ok next question....
once I find the right one for my bios....can it be flashed in dos or does it need to have windows running...as my harddrive is formated...
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Depends on the flash utility. The best bet is to read the instructions for the utility. Older utilities usually need DOS, though it may be possible to flash from DOS mode in Windows.
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ok maybe I need to ask if there is a utillity that does not need an OS on the hard drive to flash the bios??
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huck, have you even glanced at the FAQ and the rules?

And don't start any new threads for the same motherboard.
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First let me apoligize for not reading the rules...I should have known better as I am a member of a few others...with the same rules...so if you let me let me explain my situation much more clearer...

Ok let me start back from the begining....
the system I am working on has:

an 800AMD duron prosessor
10 gig hard drive
one burner CD
one 52x CD rom
three sticks of 256 sdram
When I got it it had win XP on it but had just been infected with the I love you virus....when the guy installed a ran his virus program( not sure which one) he told me it erased alot of files....well I thought I would just renstall windows xp... when I tried it would get through coping files and then just hang on "windows is restarting your computer"....it would not get past that...so I told him to burn off all his important files and I would reformat and reinstall XP....Well it reformated alright but when i went to reinstall xp...it would say windows is restarting your computer" and still just HANG there...while it was going through the bios I noticed that is said "unknown flash type" so that made me think that there was something wrong with the bios...he also told me that someone else tried to flash the bios but failed....now I am not sure but I thought that maybe somehow it could have corrupted the bois somehow....but I have been getting lots of comment that if the bois was bad it would not come on...I was just wondering if the bios could be a little bad...so I have been trying everything I know to get the hard drive to set up....
Some things I have tried...
taking each memory stick out tring each one seperatly in each slot
I took out the modem
tried a different mouse
tried a different keyboard
took out the hard drive and put it on my system and it set up windows XP just fine with no problems.
unhooked both CD drives
shorted the bios
took out battery for a long while
took out bios chip for awhile

so I have just about run out of things to try....I have told the guy that he will probley have to get a new motherboard....but me being someone who likes a challange....I guess sort of a die hard problem solver....still wants to know WHY it is not working....anyway that is the whole story...hope some of this help solve my problem.....

P.S. I have a picture of the error if someone wants me to send it to them..I took it with my camera...
Again I am SORRY for not reading the rules :oops:
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