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#60766 by nicolae788
Thu Apr 09, 2015 8:49 pm

I am searching for the following two BIOS files

1. ECS GF7050VT-M motherboard bios file
2. Fosconn 560A motherboard bios file

The problem with the manufacturer files it's that they are corrupt. I checked with Award Bios editor ( for the Foxconn ) and with the Verify method in Award Slic tool. For the ECS file i get an "unlinked blocks in module 80h, message( in AMI Slic tool verify ). For the Foxconn i get a lot of garbage in the system BIOS tab and at the first load of the bin file i get an error that explains that this file it's corrupted...and indeed it looks like corrupted. In the AWARD Slic tool if i verify the file i get an error regarding the main bios file that it could be corrupted as it does not check the checksum.

If you can suggest any other method of checking these files i am more than glad to listen, or i would accept these two files from someone who knows that they are not corrupted...

Thank you!