Gateway 486 bios update

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I have an old Gateway 2000 486 system using a Micronics DXLB or Gemini VLB motherboard (not sure which, but board part number is 09-00144) running Phoenix BIOS 0.10G22-2LB. The only update to this BIOS that I am able to find is G26-2LB (via, which I updated to and it POSTed but failed to boot. I put G22 back on there and it worked again. I would really like to upgrade this piece of crap BIOS, because it's refusing to disable LPT or COM (I set them to disabled in BIOS but msd shows the IRQs still in use), which is preventing me from installing a soundcard.

I am hoping BIOS update will solve this. According to this website ( ... fibios.htm), there is a revision of Phoenix BIOS that supports this motherboard:

DXLB (486 VLBus) 09-00144 0.10 GLB-xx M4GS25

Can someone help me locate Phoenix BIOS I assume I can use the same procedure as before to write the bios update to a floppy, set the motherboard jumper for flash update, and apply.

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