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#44394 by BuildSmart
Sat Mar 31, 2007 4:44 pm
This is what I do know.
Code: Select all   Manufacturer :         Intel Corporation
   Product Name :         D915GUX
   Version      :         AAC85199-201
   Serial Number:         BTUX44702493

The BIOS file is

I have already been able to get boot from EFI working however I need to remove the entire GateWay logo and replace it with a custom one.

I've tried all of the iflash instructions I can find without any success and instructions from do-gooder's who have untested suggestions and possible solutions have only eaten up my development time that it has expired so I need a solution now.

I'm no longer interested in instructions that don't work and have not been tested or temporary solutions that are supposed to write to the USR space that I could never verify work since I could never get iflash to do anything but flash the current bios file.

I'm looking for a permanent but simple solution that requires no knowledge or experience other than inserting a floppy or CD or some other automated approach.

I can provide a board if required as I have a couple of extras since I just want/need a solution.

I might even be willing to cough up a little cash to obtain my results provided you can achieve my results within a reasonable time period.

Just e-mail to get the ball rolling.