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Hi, i have a gateway 818gm PC and the mobo is a MS-6741. I had recieved a sata burner a a gift as was having a hard time getting it recognized. So after alot of searching and file changing i decided to update my BIOS from the default 3.41 that came with PC to the newest BIOS at the MSI website for my mobo.
I was wondering ,If i goto the gateway support website and dowload the driver it shows to update with my gateway model "a674v1vg1341.exe"
(MS-6741 Motherboard BIOS Version: a674v1VG1 V3.4B1 121404)

What i want to know ,will this cause a big conflict if i try to download the bios from gateway support and install when i have this MSI-6741 ver.3.70 BIOS installed in it? The bios i have from MSI website works well ,only like 2 or3 beeps when booting, but over all its no casuing problems. I dont want to kill my PC or make it worst than it is now by trying to use that bios update from\support.

The tech support at gateway refuses to even answer this simple question becasue my warrenty is expired and want me to pay $120 or so for warranty support for the year or $40 for 24 hours , WTF? :roll:

I opened syspec,Im typing down only relative info needed to assist me.

WINXP 5.1 (BUILD2600) service pack 2
AMD Athlon 64 processor 3700+
Product make : MS-6741
Manufactuer: American Megatrends Inc.
Bios info: ATAT Compatible 030505 AMIINT 10 (not sure if this info was the same before flashing with the bios update from MSI website)
Motherboard: MSI MS-6741

This is all the info i thought would be relavent in assisting me with my click or no-click dilema or using gateway bios or just sticking with this MSI bios which beeps 2 or 3 times during startup but no problems anywhere i can see.. PLEASE HELP ME!!
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New visitors - please read the rules.
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any one out there can help me? PLEASE!
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and your problem is?
i read the whole thing twice..still no clue.
i'll try to summarize: you have a gateway pc (that was easy) with a msi mainboard in it. you went to the msi site and downloaded their bios, flashed it and the machine is still working, right? there are beeps from the mainboard when starting up, right? is there any screen output related to the beeps (errors, warnings, etc.)? so you want to downgrade to the gateway bios again?
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I think the OP just wants to get his SATA burner installed and working...however that happens.
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The bios i have from MSI website works well
so the SATA burner is working

I think the only "problem" would be the two beeps at startup. Hardly a problem...

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