Hard drive problem - NOT with detection

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I got this problem. I noticed it a few days ago:

Although my HDD is properly recognized in BIOS (Maxtor 60GBs) it is saved as a 28GBs disk!! When I use "IDE HDD Autodetection" in BIOS it detects it OK (says 58466 or so, don't remember exactly). When I "Save and Exit" and then enter BIOS again, it states that the disk is 28xxx - don't remember exactly, but it is saved as a 28GBs one (I repeat, the disk is 60GBs). I upgraded the BIOS recently to the newest one, because the old one didn't even detect the disk. Before the upgrade it was:


The date of the newest upgrade is: 2000-08-17, so the ID-String is:

17/08/2000-i440BX-W977TF-2A69KC39C-00, I think... :)

That's why fdisk "saw" only 28GBs in my previous problem "After BIOS upgrade I can't install my operational system...". Well, I found the solution: when I use Autodetect at startup, the drive is seen properly by fdisk. But it has to be detected by BIOS everytime the computer restarts. It takes longer for the computer to start. I don't like this. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

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