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#53108 by Koerber13
Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:41 pm
i just ordered a brand new computer i got the
antec 900
AMD Phenom II 955
Sappire 4890
Muskin RAM 2GBx2GB
WD 640 GB Harddrive
HP DVD burner
Corshair 850 watt PSU

i put this all together and booted up everything seemed fine....
but when i try and install windows it freezes up at random spots
i also tryed a vista disk and it also will randomly freeze up.

i tried a different hard drive and DVD drive will no success
i tried taking one stick of ram out and leaving the other stick in
and vise versa. but nothing im doing this project for my senior project and this would be really great if i could get some help on this problem

i have also flashed my bios to v1.3 this has done nothing so far. still the same problem

my friend thinks this may be a motherboard issue please help me