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#52707 by conty911
Mon May 11, 2009 5:51 pm
#52707 by conty911
Mon May 11, 2009 5:51 pm
Computer specs:
Jetway HA07 (AMD 790 GX)
AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black edition~3Ghz
2Gb pattriot 800 Mhz DDRII ram
600W Cooler Master PSU
ATI rad 4850 GPU

1)I ve upgraded my old CPU 6000+ to new AMD pII 940 it worked on board but was not recognised.
2)I updated the BIOS to latest version [A05]
3)CPu name is recognised +new features in BIOS and my computer would hang,freeze or poweroff when ever now i try to play game ,install a program,or do anything which requires significant computing.
4)Checked each and every component RAM ,PSU,CPu everything fine..
5)My older AMD 6000+ is working on this board no problems at all
6)tried my new phenom II 940 CPu on a differnt motherboard also no problems.
7)But when i Couple my AMD phenom II X4 940 with my jetway HA07 then the problem of freezing /poweroff occurs.
8)So clearly not 100% my retailer also said it is a BIOS issue because
-->Working fine with the oldest bIOS which came with the BOARD (now it is not found on their website)
I ve reported this to JETWAY people they said it is (BIOS) fine according to them ,as this model is not much popular i think i m the only one whos been complaining to them so i think they aint either paid much attention.

So im confuse what to do either return the motherboard or the JETWAY launch a HOTFIX to the BIOS.It is happening particularly for this CPU(AMD PII X4 940) i ve chked other cpus working fine.

Some thoughts ,suggestions plz