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I did everything I was told and read everything here. To force a flash you use the swithc /py, I also used all the other necessary swithces for clearing the CMOS and so on. I also disabled all bios cacheable's and changed the jumper on the board to allow me to flash the bios. But up till now I keep getting the error "Program file's part number doesn't match your system". and if I've made a mistake somewhere please don't ban me. thank you for your help.
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What board do you have, what's your current BIOS ID string and what BIOS are you trying to flash?
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Lalwani, please read and follow the rules and the posting guidelines for the forum. Don't start a new thread for the same problem.You have already been warned twice. Use your existing post (link above) and use the "edit" button to change the subject from "Help!!!" to something useful.

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